The Kings Royal Hussars Ceremony at the National Arboretum on the 22nd of October.

I have been informed it was an excellent day and thoroughly enjoyed by all. I think the design and wording on the Memorial is very appropriate and remembers all the Regiments that make The Kings Royal Hussars, as we the remaining few of our own Regiments do in the clubs and groups that have been created over the years. This will be carried on by those who follow after us, so hats off to the designers and workmanship that went into this.
A highlight was the many crosses that represented the fallen members, as Eddie Ankers said, many asked him about the 20 10th Hussars who died on one day, this referred to the plane crash of the advance party and the RAF crew, returning to Tidworth from Aqaba. They thanked him for the information, many knew little about the accident. There were conversations and photos taken by those of the Tenth and a number of conversations and views, some with Maj. General J.P.W. Friedberger CB, CBE who will send information he was asked about. A special thank you to Steve Penkethman for sending me his photos, it was very kind of him, more to come from Steve and other sources in the near future.

Alan Powney

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