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Married Quarters Münster

Over the last few years some old comrades have asked about the quarters in the Barracks area. There has been some confusion in that the names of the Stassen we lived in have changed and some have been renovated, thus making orientation difficult. We decided to visit the Loddenheide area in Münster, where most of the married quarters that we occupied were.

As you can see from the amended satellite photo, these quarters were located on the outskirts of the Loddenheide area. For orientation turn right out of main gate and straight down Albersloher Weg to the end of all buildings on the left, turn left at the crossroads and left again, into the quarters area on the left. That road is called Theodore-Heuss-Strasse. The Spar shop and the Hairdresser’s were on the left side, turn left and you enter the Quarters. Here is where names have changed. The first block on the left is Theodor-Heuss-Strasse and the pathway leads to the main entrance to the four flats. There are four blocks, with a further three blocks at the end of the path and are at right angles.  The next block of four is accessed by the road that we knew as Max- Halbe- Strasse. It is now Bonnenkamp, as are the other roads. The blocks that we knew as Max-Halbe 2/4 or 4/2 have been renamed into the current German regulations. Max-Halbe 1,2,3 and 4 are now 15,17,19 and 21 with the names of those who live there. The Bungalows that used to be for Senior ranks are gone and when we were there were being turned into a parking area/play area. I think those who lived in other blocks in Loddenheide can recognise their own quarters from the satellite photo. Between the blocks Theodor-Heuss and Max-Halbe is a very high hedge about 3 meters high, that was being trimmed by a Gardening company employee, when he saw my XRH shirt he asked who we were. After explaining he gave us a lot of information about the changes that have taken place in the area and that he worked for the units stationed in Münster. As he said he and many others miss the BAOR.

The Senior ranks quarters down the road from camp have been completely renovated and the “halfway house or 2nd Sgts. Mess is now gone, the other quarters over the main road I did not visit. As Pashel Cush once pointed out, the Gremmendorf kneipe has gone and is now a Café. There was not much time left to visit other area’s I hope some are able to make use of the information.

Alan Powney