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Some time ago I asked about Reg Veal who was in B Sqn. Gilbert Cook informed me that after an accident in Münster he was left with serious injuries and in a wheelchair, he had heard some time ago that Reg had taken his own life. I was devastated to hear this, for I cannot remember anything about it and tried to find out more. I asked Ian Clements if he could recall anything, during his time in RHQ. This is Ian’s recollection;

Reg joined the 10th Royal Hussars (PWO) in Aden direct from the training Regiment. He was posted to B Sqn. and I assume was part of an armoured vehicle crew. I got to know him at cricket, I was the Umpire and Reg was a very useful pace bowler with a good pair of hands in the field. Having survived Aden Reg went on leave to the UK. After 6 weeks he flew out to Germany to join the Regiment in Münster. On perhaps his first evening out he went for a drink in the pub nearly opposite the barrack gates (The Gremmendorf I think). On leaving the pub he stepped in front of a car and was taken by Ambulance to BMH Munster. After 70 days he would have been struck off Regimental strength, he was subsequently medevac to a Hospital in the UK and eventually discharged as no longer fit for military service. I do not think that I heard any further news about Reg until the recent very sad article. There would have been a Board of Enquiry into the accident, this would have been handled by the ORC who was Norman Rennie at the time. Sadly Norman died in 2011, when I became ORC I was too busy to read about previous Boards of Enquiry. My own opinion is that Reg was a young lad who went for a couple of drinks in a strange Country. On leaving the pub he looked the wrong way and therefore walked in front of a car which he probably never saw. There would have been street lighting and there would have been a 50 kph speed limit. It is quite possible that the driver had no chance to avoid Reg, I assume that if there had been excessive speed that Reg would have been killed outright. I must stress that this is my own opinion and is not necessary the conclusion reached by the 3 Officers who formed that Board of Enquiry. Ian Clements (Part 11/111 Order Clerk at the time.

I asked some members who were close to Reg, during our time in Aden but was unable to find anything. I then contacted and old journalist friend in Bad Driburg if he could look into newspaper reports from 1965. OK Bad Driburg is some way from Münster, but the Westfälisches nachrichten does cover Münster. Unfortunately nothing could be found and he suggested a visit there to look through archive’s the best bet.

My interest is that Reg was a good guitar player and he played a lot in Thumier and when we were in Aden, Sid Robinson and I shared a room. Reg tried to teach me to play, but gave up in despair, he played Maria Elena very well and it is for that and his being a quiet and intelligent young man I remember him. Whether you are with us Reg I don’t know but the tunes you played for us will be remembered.

Ian Clements Alan Powney.

Robert Peter Oxford 9 September 18:53

I remember it I came out of the Gremmendorf about 20 min before it happened the news was bad the next day, had he joined air troop. RIP M8

Dave Robinson 9 September 20:33

Sorry to say that although i remember the name, I don’t remember Reg. Feel that I should has he was B sqn but thanks for the story Alan.

Robert Peter Oxford 9 September 21:29

I think some time in November just after we got over from Aden apparently it was quite a common accident look left look right look left cross except over there look right look left look right. I often wondered what happened to him

Gilbert Cook 10 September 07:37

Yes Pru. I remember Reg playing the guitar when we were in training at Catterick. you could not find out more, i am sure he came to Tidworth at the same time as me before we went to Aden as we were in the same intake. Sorry

Robert Peter Oxford 10 September 09:07

The staff of the Gremmendorf put flowers by the trees and some more where added later.

Maria Elena - Los Indios Tabajaras - Cover Rob Bourassa

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